Great Britain 2006


  1. first thanks for respect
    I’m muslim man And I want to tell You what happen in the 11/9 and I’m don’t know what happen at 7/7 any way what happen in 11/9 is not from islam this people don’t know the rules of islam war and about the people who happy about what happen in that time they are just an idiot and didn’t know any thing about islam war rules Islam is more simple.
    But in same time america and europe who make like this peoples, don’t go to war and think the people waiting you there by flowers sure there is defence inside or outside but the problem man that your government dosn’t live our country alone the make us can’t live out or in our country out we are terror, inside we waiting war from the other countrys, people feel like this, what you waiting for from people like this to do???
    and yes we take our religion more seriously
    because it’s the way what we live and Mohamed is attribute of this religion
    what if the muslims say any thing about your boss??? or queen?? or king ??? it’s bad feeling inside you?? and we can’t talk about Jesus bad because it’s Prophet like Mohamed and we respect all the Prophets from god,
    sorry it’s a long message but I want You to understand all

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