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  1. maureen guest says

    that is typical of asda,i had glasses made at asda in sheffield to cut a very long story short thet were not made properly,i could not read through them.the manageress kept telling that they were correct,and that i could see though them if i lifted my head up, and up, and up,no this is not a misprint this is a fact,i was told that the glasses i had been using for three years and had no trouble with were wrong.eventually i went back to the place i had had my original glasses made (which asda said were wrong)and had some more glasses made,which i can see through without having to lift my head up,lift my head up,lift my head up…..and i can also see where i am walking because i dont have to lift my head up,lift my head up,lift my head up.

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  3. Edward Willhoft says

    Have just purchased from Burgh Heath ASDA a bag of Continental Rolls with a BBD of 13-10-10 (Bar Code: 0207670000570).

    They were disgustingly over-salted. The value of the pack doesn’t make it worth my while to get them replaced! However, ASDA should take on board this feedback and apply basic quality control procedures. It’s clearly safer to buy bakery products from Sainsbury which I shall do in future! What other products are sold through ASDA without applying QC?

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