BB10 – No live feed – no point watching


  1. load of crap with no live channel 4 will only show what it wants to bollocks to them

  2. CH4 have decided to control the viewing habits of their few remaining viewers rather than give them the choice. They already take a slice of the license fee to keep afloat – how about a public apology – how about admitting their mistake. Perhaps they’re just following the cue of the current Labour government ,when everything goes wrong they simply bury their heads in the sand.

  3. Enough of this celebrity crap, arnt we all a little tired of it. Stop being so shallow!!! yea, interesting concept the first year but all it is now is a freak show where people can be total failures and make a lot of money, not exactly the best role models for kids is it. Oh sorry, did i just make look at the rather painful truth.

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