Big Brother 10 – Live Feed


  1. what a waste of time i go to bed early no live coverage only at night no red button what a load of crap

  2. If money is so tight at e4 this year,why have they managed to show 24hr live bb feed for last 10 years.there is know way they have put all resources into website be cause it’s slow & never updated.get that red button back,i cant stand watching repeats of friends & roswell.

  3. Bring back live feed channel 4 Please listen to your fans !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Get Jessie out of the house. This will wreck the show for me and I will not watch until he is gone.

  5. Please bring back live feed on E4 during the afternoons! What’s the point of having live feed between 1-6am when most of that time the housemates are asleep? Where’s the lodgic in that?

  6. Live Feed add this group 1days to go when big brother 2011 live we hope as fans

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