Big Brother 9 – New production team required


  1. Lindy Barker says

    I just wanted to comment about what The Big Brother Production Team can or can’t do in the eyes of the Consumer Watchdog people – or whatever they are called. I have heard that BB cannot for example allow evicted housemates to return to the BB house, as it is felt that the people who voted have been somehow ‘cheated’. I have to say that I do not take this view at all. I feel that, as long as the objective is not to extract money from the public for its own sake, then the BB Production Team should have complete freedom to do what they feel is in the interests of the Production, for the sake of the Entertainment.

    This kind of restriction to the Production will just serve to reduce the entertainment value of this excellent show. I am a huge fan and feel that because all of the slaps on the wrist BB has received, this year (2008) has not had the same ‘punch’ as in previous years.

    It would have been great for example to see Luke and Becks re enter the House properly and not just as guests (as I have heard they will be). It is a shame we live in this Nanny State. Well done to you at BB – it is still great fun. Lindy Barker and family and friends.

  2. Thanks for your comment Lindy.

    The only way this program will go forward now.
    Is to remove public interaction (ie. phone votes)

    This would allow the production team to do
    whatever they seem fit in the name of entertainment.

    This is the only reality TV program i watch
    and for me its getting very stale and boring now.

    My idea would be to evict 3-4 housemates every week and bring in 2-3 a week.
    That would shake things up.

    And Luke and Bex to re-enter the house !!!
    luke and Bex are all that is wrong with the UK today
    (everything for nothing for minimal effort)
    give them a 1 way ticket back to obscurity.

  3. Lindy Barker says

    I agree really, it has all got out of hand. What is the matter with us all
    watching this old rubbish anyway?. Haven’t we got lives of our own. Well,
    no, actually I haven’t, unfortunately.

    And look at the other programmes. Up until last year enjoyed the X Factor but
    it is dawning on me that it is all so manufactured.
    There is one particular little twerp – sorry, but I think she is – called
    Diane, who apparently is tipped to with the ‘X’ this year. She is 17 and
    puts on this odd little voice – and people fall or it.


    Anyway, despite all this, I am lookin’ forward to the Celebriy BB this year.
    – well it will do until I find something better to do. Lindy B

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