Electronic Cigarettes-review


  1. Estell Mathewson says

    You get all of the feeling of smoking, even the “smoke,”
    without any of the harmful side-effects and chemicals that are in regular tobacco smoke.
    But not only that, you can use the e-cigarette anywhere!!
    It emits only water vapor, not smoke, as you puff on it,
    so you can use it in all the otherwise prohibited zones:
    public places, relatives gatherings, even restaurants and stores.

  2. free stop smoking says

    when I stopped smoking cigs, I saved a lot money.
    Everyday cost like ten dollars. I was spendin’ $300 a month.

  3. Smoke Assassin says

    Am I able to cancel the order within 30 days if I choose to not keep it?

    From Tkey: Depends on which site you order from.
    Read the Terms and conditions before ordering.
    Most sites will have a 28-30 Day Guarantee.

  4. I’ve tried a couple of the “e” brands didn’t even compare to real cigs…

    From Tkey:
    No they don’t compare, they are far better.
    No smell,saves money and could help you live longer.

    But i do concede they are not for everybody.
    Some people will find it harder to let the ciggies go.

  5. I originally ordered an ecigarette just to use when I absolutely could not smoke.
    The 2nd day after it arrived I quit smoking for good.
    This is a good product that works.

    Finding the right model and doing the right amount of research on YouTube and other social networks is important- maybe the most important part of quitting smoking using an ecig.

  6. Electronic cigarettes are a great tool not only to save money on cigarettes, but to quite smoking.

    You however have to do your research as there are a lot of “free trial” and cheap brands that are crap and might turn you off e-cigarettes, without you being able to try a good one.

  7. Nicotine is one of the most addicting substance in this world so avoid smoking cigarettes.:.`

  8. This could be helpful “I smoked for 35 years and one day about 3 years ago, I quit.
    No gums. No patches. No pills. I just quit.Unless you can make them want to quit,
    everything else will most likely drive them to keep smoking.”

  9. yeah, there cool. i didnt smoke before but i use ecigs now.

  10. my hubby spent too much on his about a year ago and only used 3 times!! lol

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