Happy Birthday Mike – 2009


  1. Thanks very much.
    See you later.


  2. Happy birthday Mike,have a fab day ,lots of love and hugs, Sue,Kate and Nicky, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. happy birthday 2 you,hope u hav a wonderful day,see u soon xxxx tracey,rob,connor and demi xxxxxx

  4. Hellooooo :))
    how are you all ? ıt has been so long tıme we havent spoken. we have got some news for you !! ali and sibel had their first baby girl. called SELIN!! she is sooo beacutiful and now 6 months old. ı would love to send you some pics to you. hoping to hear from you all . also happy birthday mike ı know ı m late 🙂
    ozlem xxxxxxx

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