Happy Birthday Mum


  1. Happy Birthday auntie Jan. Have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow.
    lots of love Rob, Tracey, Connor and Demi xxxxxx

  2. happy birthday Jan, have a great day ,
    lots of love and hugs from Sue.Kate and Nicky

  3. Thank you all for the pressies and flowers,
    Thank you for the TWO birthday cakes
    Megan and Mike :).

    Love you all lots.

  4. Hi, I was browsing Happy Birthday Mum and came across your blog. I love the picture of the hamster (is it a hamster?, my brother had a pet rat, it was so clean and clever).
    The comments on the site are also really nice. You could make the picture into a really nice card or e.card, he (or is it she) could be an internet star (if they aren’t already). Have a nice day, and well done for such a nice site.


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