Helicopter – Flash Game


  1. i think yall suck like shyt at this gamee, n yall need to learn how to play.:)

  2. i’m so sad.. i just got 12361 i need to get out more!

  3. great game!

  4. this games is well boring i can’t believe people can sit there all day playing on these perfectic games. get a life people. !!!

  5. And yet you took time out of your perfect life to comment!?

  6. cant c game…

  7. u are all rubbish i got 17,873

  8. i hate this game

  9. Who remembers playing the best flash game of all time? The legendary flash helicopter game at http://www.officialhelicoptergame.com/.

  10. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah you guys are pept

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