K8 – Manchester Evening News Article


  1. k8 ya still a freeeeeeeeeeeeeek
    but i love ya

  2. kate – a star in the making.
    well done hun, really proud of you.

    love u loads n loads

  3. hey kate,
    well done ,love you lots ,
    so very proud of you, lets see what happens next
    ….thanks steve, love hugs to you too


  4. Jan, Mike and Jamie says

    Well done Kate,
    just got our Times East and your article is in that too.
    Expecting great things from you.

    Very proud of you,
    love you lots. xoxoxox

  5. *really should read your blog more steve*

    thanks so much everyone..its really apreciated 😀

    love you all loads :D:D:D:D


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