Michael Jackson tour dates 2009


  1. Chris Burdekin says

    OMG! im like so in love with MJ, he’s so inspirational! he’s a beaut!
    i love the work he has done, and am definitly gonna make sure i get my hands on one of them tickets!! one way or another, it could get ‘dangerous’ 😐
    i’ll like, just have to ‘keep the faith’! charmoaannn!! Jackson is ‘invincible’
    This concert is gonna be a ‘thriller’
    I ‘remember the time’ when i saw him in Roundhay Park…
    Anyways, can’t wait 🙂

    Much Love Chris ‘Burdy’ Burdekin xxx

  2. please can anyone tell me if michael’ is coming to the netherlands

  3. is he coming AUSTRALIA?!!!
    i love himmmmm

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