More Reasons to hate that Crazy Frog!!


  1. just recently emailed them….

    dear manager bissiness affairs..
    i would much like to watch my tv or atleast isten to my radio
    wihtout having to turn over from the most annoying adverts of phone ringtones
    i dont think you are getting the drift that u have KILLED!!! the furry animal creatures
    and i have come to HATE your adverts
    im surprised that you havnt bin sewed yet for ‘nevous breakdown’ of the innocent puplic.
    infact take a look at this link and see just what people think about your adverts

    yours disgustingly… me xxxx


  3. You know what, I have never liked TV adverts much, but have tolerated them.. Not any more. That frog, bird and I assume dragon? need putting down now. What kind of deranged moron wastes ?3 downloading a poor quality version of what was in essence poor quality crap in the first place. I applaude all the ppl here who think it sucks for their intelligence and quality of their personality. To those who think that Crazy frog is good or quality then I can only suggest that you go play with the traffic you sad, sad morons.

  4. thank you nic and i totally agree

    as for adam.. im guessing ur a chav??

  5. If enough people file a formal complaint about the adverts, something along the lines of causing mental anguish, stress, anger. Then they will have no choice but to remove the adverts. Thats the same reason why the crazy frog no longer has genitalia.

  6. At first i thought it was funny when i saw it on funny junk and then wen it was a frog it just mad me want to reach for the ibuprofen i can deal with it playin on my comp once or twice but if it plays 500 times in one advert break i start to do my nut, somebody shoot the guy who created it!!!

  7. kill that FROG

  8. well i dnt tink dat crazy frog aint dat bad i mean if it is dat horrid it would neva have bean numba one in da charts 4 lik a month or so yes i agree it gets anoyin very anoyin actually but at least u can laugh at it & u shud b thankfull it isnt actually alive

  9. All About Ringtones says

    Really glad to find your site – now I know what a good one looks like. I guess I better do some more work on my blog now

  10. Bad news 2

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