Cadburys Dairy Milk Advert – Eyebrows


  1. Tom Mcloughlin says

    Hi there, I’m Tom Mcloughlin and I represent Orange at Edelman PR.
    If you liked the Cadburys ad I thought you’d be interested to know that
    Orange is offering the theme music to it’s customers free as a mobile ringtone.

    You can download it through Orange World,
    or via the Mobile Download section on



  2. Hello, I got a text telling me this but how do i get it? i’ve looked all over the orange website and i can’t find it anywhere! Please and you send me the link or something.

    I find it highly disappointing. (*Kidding*)
    But i do love that advert And would be very thankful.
    By sweeties.

  3. What is the song in the advert called?

  4. Mussiko: I have had a good look around the Orange site.
    And i cannot find the download either 🙁

    Charlie: Freestyle Express – Don’t Stop The Rock

  5. Thanks Tom, I looked all over the internet for this tune until I found this thread and about 7 secs later I’d found it and downloaded it. Well happy x

  6. Hi Charlie the song is called “Don’t stop the rock” hope this is helpful to you

  7. the song is originally by pachanga and called muevelo

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