Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – trailer spoiler


  1. OMG i just can not wait to see this movie? Why haven’t they released a movie trailer yet? For the second movie, they put out a trailer right away! i dunno…i still can’t wait! =]

  2. weres the trailer then?

  3. It is being reported that the trailer will be finally shown on.
    March 19th during the premiere of
    Dancing with the Stars on ABC.

    For those of us not in USA i am sure it will
    be on youtube shortly after it is aired.

  4. This sucks

  5. Orlando is such a HOTTIE!!!!!Hes sooo Gorgous!!!!!!!

  6. i heard that trailer script before i saw it on a websiteabout this movie and its not the real one also
    trailer comes out march 19 2007 movie comes out may 25 2007 we still have to wait a long time Damet!!

  7. johnny depp is also 48 years old girls just to let you know he was born in 1959 i saw a thing about him on telelvision

  8. 3/19/07 on dancing with the stars on abc [channel 5] tune in and watch dancing with the stars from 8pm to 10pm somewhere around those hours the trailer should pop up 5/25/07 movie comes out cant wait its probely gonna be boring

  9. TRAILER TW DAYS AWAY I REAPEAT TRAILER 2 DAYS AWAY WHOO HOO you can also watch the trailer at 10 pm monday night when it appers on disney.com

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