pop quiz


  1. I would guess at Jimmy Osmond with that really annoying long haired thingy from wheresit song?

  2. Nope not jimmy osmond,that would be too easy sorry
    try again x

  3. julian lennon must of appeared in one of his dads , songs , vids ……..

  4. may have done.
    but not the answer am lookin for sorry

  5. ok, someone was pregnant at the time then?

  6. nope.
    you definately hear their voice.

  7. St Winifreds School Choir with the Grandma song?

  8. Nope.
    Again too easy

    clue:they were a 4 piece group

  9. was it musical youth?

  10. nope
    sorry mate.
    and i thought you of all people would have got it.

    clue:they are mainly seen on childrens tv

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