T-Mobile advert – Liverpool Street Station


  1. yep , blimin brilliant , how clever is that xoxoxoxo

  2. grt ad best av seen in yrs well done every one

  3. its good advert i was there, watched it being filmes was jokes

  4. brilliant, amazing, incredible, wonderful see what happen when some one thinks outside the box.

  5. steve , have you seen the london freeze .liverpool station, xoxoxoxox

    Hi sue i have now thanx….http://www.londonfreeze.org/

    New york version below

  6. Great feel good advert !

  7. Paige ++ Kirsty says

    We love this advert!!!!!
    its simple but great!!!
    who ever thought of it you are a genius!!!


  8. Whenever I feel beaten to the ground by ‘life’, I watch this advert over and over and am uplifted. And the guy in the black trenchcoat with the wicked wink? What a stunner!

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