Tattoo Sleeves


  1. All this stuff about “yakuza” online. I don’t know what it is, and I see tattoo sleeves, robes, as another way to express ones self and create a scene of time captured to create an ambiance revolvant around personality and experience, sharing it with a bit of beauty without a mention. When tattoos are permanent, they are kind of like permanent makeup, they enhance, and are just a way of attracting the person of interest with a permanent, person, place, or thing inked on ones skin. Like a symbol that says one can bring home the oats and share them if they want. Or they create a singular expression or with mixed theme, of ones own devotion to ones self, and nature, or whatever, idea creation or circumstance, and not trying to mention twice, but tattoos do not mean trash, no matter how poorly one might view the art, or condition of the art, or how poorly some may precieve it as drawn. Most people do not judge tattoos. So what if people have permanent tattoos, as long as they donot impact their health. I see hose shirt sleeves, I do not see masks made of hose. Go with light ink if you think you are going to want to add to or change a tattoo, and start with outlines no fill, if you think permanence is going to be a problem. These shirts are great to start out with for some, who just want to see themselves in a full sleeve tattoo, not knocking them. It’s not like your not going to get your vitamin d.. Look it up, or ask someone who can answer your questions.

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