K8’s Diary of her trip to Peru


    14th august…
    nearly finished our mural today he he he
    this little lad fell asleep whilst i was pushing him on the swing..bless
    trying to explaion to the women in the supermarket that we wanted food colouring and icing sugar was hard..but my new found expert spanish (ha ha ha) and hand gestures got it across after a while..
    mwahahha tony left so the keys to ladreara got handed over to us..
    things have changed around the house now….david has gone to lima agen…atleast he told us this time..ha ha he gave us such a big hug n told us he loved us..awwwwww im starting to get attatched..
    made a mint song up about not liking the colour blue..
    started reading the harry potter books…
    we spent the evening in our sleepingbags lay on the roof watching the stars…i think there must have been a meteor shower or something coz there were shooting stars every few minutes…
    tink went to the market on her own on sunday and got her bag slached…just shakes head…
    15th august…
    best day at ladreara so far..we gave the children a salsa and tango dance show..they loved it..
    made up another song called silent janice..it was ace coz after that all the kids were goin round singin janice..i was so proud..stayed there a little later to get the painting done..
    came home….bout half 6 ish…started to get ready for neto´s and elizabeths nationality evening..we had to bring food to represent each of our contries..we had white red and blue baloons cake and face paint…
    just as i was starting to put my face paint on…
    i felt kinda dizzy and swayie…but thought it was just me
    jess: ´´erica are u shaking the bed?¨
    all of a sudden there was this contineous like movement..the bed was shaking the curtains were sawying..the lights started to flicker…..the whole house felt like it was swaying and rocking..moving from side to side..we all just dropped to the floor..scared the god damn hell out of me!!it just kept coming and felt like it lasted for ages…..it eventually got weaker n weaker..untill we could feel it no longer…the phone rang…and it was patty asking if we were ok..we were all fine nothing was damaged…we were just a bit like WOH!! gawd my heart skipped a beat…
    we turned on the news and it showed us lima..and said it was 7.5 on the richter scale…at that point it kinda hit us all…..the epicenter was to be said just off the coast south of lima..n there where 3 tremmors after another..the first in pico…second in hyancayo…n the 3rd biggest just south of lima..
    my first reaction was to ring home..but then i relaised the time..n i didnt want to wake anyone up if u hadnt heard about it i thought it would woprry people..also at that point no one was seriously injured and i didnt think it would make the news in england..so i thought it would be best top wait for a reasonable time in england..
    we went over to neto´s and elizabneths..tried lots of different foods and did karoki…
    at night i didnt want to sleep alone in my room..i was still a little freaked from earlier..so tink moved her matress into my roiom n stayed in my room with me..
    i felt atleast 3 tremmors during the night that woke me up…but this time they were more like rumbles…and not nearly as strong….
    i woke up hearing the phone rang,.thinkin it might be david sayin hes stranded in lima..but it just kept ringing…got to the 3rd 4th time n my heart told me..i felt it in my stomach anmd i just knew it was mum…i thought ok..next time it rings ill answer it..justa bout to get up…and joel answered it…i heard him say…ýour her big sister´and i just ran to the phone…
    that when it hit me the most how bad it actually was..we had no idea where we were how serious it was and how strong it was along the coast…
    but i just felt so relieved that i was ok…n it really wasnt as bad where we were…
    but people please trust me..im completly fine..i dont wont u to worry at all coz its all ok…promis..
    the next day work was closed…so neto took my erica n jess out to a festival..was really nice…
    i still dont know exactly too much about the earthquake..if u find out things will u please let me know…
    i love u all really so much…and im missin u too…im ok..im safe…
    take care…
    kate xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi ther , just to say kate was in touch last night , they had a quake on friday , and numerous after shocks lost power , phones till last night , she has sorted her trip down to Lima , her host dad is home , he had gone to Lima , but couldnt return because of a land slide, i havnt heard about the 2 volunteers yet , she doesnt want to come home , haha , thats my girl , she is also going to see Machu Pichu at the weekend , and also she is buying an electric guitar today , i expect this girly to be very different when she returns, but then i’m sure it wont be too long before she is away again , Lost Planet springs to mind, she is going on msn tonight between 5 and 6 pm , she seems limited with pc time , so i dont know if any more e-mails will come our way , if they do i’ll send, love you lots Biggs if you see this , thanks a lot steve love you lots sue xxxx

  3. woke up to more tremmors in the morning..just when i thought it was all over…

    went to help out with an english lesson at elizabeth school

    then dressed our selves up in army style n went on a mish..had code names n everythin

    fluffy llama cat — tink — the brains

    midnight pantha — kate — the stealth

    cat women — jess — the seductrice

    dirty persian — erica — the muscle


    woke up bright and early got picked up by neto and elizabeth to go quadbiking…VERY FUN jess challenged me to a race…acting rather cocky about it…and drove like a granny.. was proper goin for t over these bumps…she was sourntering behind..mint few hours..i well enjoyed it..

    then we went horseriding ha ha iv never been horseriding before..geeeezzzz learnt how to controll it quite quickly..it was proper hard at first to balance..my horse was called picasso…we went through a gorgeous vally..and to this weird rock formation..through rivers…n i got the horse to trot..i was soo proud..

    tinks horse just pulled her through bushes n stuff it was sooo funny.. id ont think she enjoyed it verymuch at all

    hçjust at the end we were baout to go through this river..and i didnt get the time to hold onto my saddle..the horse had to jump down the bank which thrust me forward…n i nearly fell off..i was just hanging onto its neck as it tranched through thi river..ha ha ha ooooo lustig..jess nearly fell off her horse through laughing.. after that we went to a festival..and went on a peruvian ferris wheel..that thing couldnt have passed safety inspections..i was sooo damn fast..!!!!!

    then we chilled at the plaza like normal..(center of huancayo)

    look up….huancayo plaza constitution on google images.. ull see a long pool of water with a tall fountain..not the little round fountains..right on those steps is where we always sit…always a gigglr…

    that night there was no one upstairs in the volounter residence..so me jess erica n tink had a little girly night that turned into a party…played todito and made ballon people.. we had rolls of velcrow n wrapped it all over erica..h ha ha she jumped at the wall n nearly knocked herself out..

    sunday… woke up and went to the sunday market..its soooooooooooooooo big

    took us nearly 4 hours to get around it..bought a really corny hat one of those skiing ones with bobbles that hang by ur ears n a really long bit at the back whyy? i have no idea coz theres no bleedin snow here…

    monday..skipped work to buy my guitar..its mnt!!!!! i lov it..crammed as much as we could into that day..n erica n jess slept over..

    coz we found out we might be leaving on wednesday to cusco to go to machu pichu..quite short notice i know n it came as a shock..n we all got a bit upset coz we were leaving..n we dnt really ownt to yet..so we had a reminicent night…

    so im leetin u know that i might be leaving huancayo tomorow night for cusco…il find out for deff this evening..and ill let u know the times n everythin so u know where i am…we should be back in lima for 29th…to catch our lfight on the 30th…

    so i wont be on the net till next week sometimes…

    but yeah il let u know tomorow morning…

    love u all… mis u


    k8 x x x

  4. k8.

    thanx 4 all the updates m8.
    it means a lot to the family.

    love ya lots ya looney toon

  5. thank u everyone for listenin 😀 ..i love u all so much…il be home soon…

    k8ms xxxxx

  6. hey guys…so its official….im leaving huancayo this evenin..

    startin my travellin to go to machu pichu…

    so the bus leaves here tonight at 11 (this is all peruvian time btw) we get to lima at 7 o clock tomorow mornin…the 23rd..then we wait till half 3…to get the bus to cusco..we arrive in cusgo 18 hours later…..*just llooks at u*

    then this guy called jo i think..one of neto´s friends…is picking us up..hes with ´peruvian tours´

    we spend the next 3 days dotting about cusco…3 star hotel apparently with hott water *gets giddy* then on the monday….we go to machu pichu..monday night we travel back to lima…

    stay over at scotts for the night..and then come home.

    i dont know quite when i will get to a pc next…

    we went out last night for our last night..was really really good i so enjoyed it…another game f todito ha ha ….didnt get home till about 2 in the mornin…

    speak soooooooooon… love u all…


  7. hey mum
    i got in cusco safe…im in the hotel..

    goin machu pichu tomoz..have to be up at five he he he…im excited..
    river raftin on monday then i go back to lima…hopefully will speak to u soon
    love u xxxxx

  8. still dont have enough time to right a fulldiary of the past few days..

    i just keep comin on to let u know im safe n ok n stuf…il have a lot more time on tuesday n wednesday when im back in lima..iv emailed scott n hes keepin a room free for us at the hostel..

    thansk for the eclipse times 🙂

    went to machu pichhu today OMMGGGGG IT WAS AMAZING….mum u have to come back here with me its so ur kinda place…all like dramatic mountain scenes ha ha ha

    white water raftin tomoz…eeekkk…n then 21 hour bus back to lima

    starting to miss home alot now..its bin a long time..but not long now…

    love u soooo much…

    take care…next time il email will prob be tuesday night

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx btw…i ate alpaca

  9. holla

    ok….here we go..

    22nd august

    spent the last day with erica n jess went into town for the last time on the
    combi and had my wallet robbed…gutted….it was my fake one tho..so it
    could have been worse..only problem it contained my bus tickets to
    cusco..that i needed for that night..but it was kool…neto took me to get
    it renewed…
    everyone had a good cry..bless us all…patty n juanjose dropped us off at
    the bus station at 11 for our bus..we were alone again..

    -i slepped pretty much the whole way through…had to wait in a cold uncomfy
    bus station for 10 hours waiting for our connection bus..after already
    having 9 hours on the bus..it just kept draggin on n on..time didnt seem to
    move at all..n our bus time ended up getting moved wihtout them telling us
    to 2 hours earlier and i had a bit of a spaz because they were going to make
    me get onto the bus..when they hadnt changed over our luggage..i got so
    frustrated coz i couldnt explain myself well enough in spanish..they just
    wernt understandin..this belgium women helped me out..basically i was not
    getting on that bus untill i see them take my bag off one bus and put it on
    the one i was on…
    anyway it got sorted and hour 18 hour bus journey started…which ended up
    being 21 hours because of the traffic at pisco..
    i wouldnt complain about the comfort of the bus.. we travel with ´cruz del
    sur´known for its safety and comfort..
    it costs about 26 pounds from huancayo to cusco with one change in
    lima..which is about 30 hours travelin..not bad considerin it costs 30 quid
    for a minibus to blackpool n back…

    we drove through pisco and ica..the places the earthquake hit the most..you
    could tell…really didnt wanna see that..made it all feel so real agen..

    the bus went up n up…(note to self take a sleeping bag next time..its so
    freezin at night travelling through the mountains)


    arrived in cusco…had about an hour in our hotel..enough time for a shower
    A HOTT SHOWER may i add he he he it was pure luxery..woooo
    really gorgeous building to..just off avenue del sol..(main street of cusco)

    our guide picked us up for the city tour..i learnt alot about the city and
    its history..about the inca´s n the story of the spanish invading n the
    civil war and everything..

    cusco is a VERY pretty city..but full of tourists..which i didnt like so
    much..it also ment that everything was so much more expensive than
    huancayo..also the atmospherew there was very different..my personal
    opinion,…i prefere huancayo..

    we went around some inca ruins n got back to the hotel in time for tea and
    went for a little walk around the center.

    visited a few more ruins this time alot more impressive..
    ollantaytambo…chinchero and tambomachay

    stopped for cocoa tea..apparently it helps with the altitude..i love the
    stuff its really nice..has a watery lemony kind of taste..the altitude didnt
    bother me at all.. but it bothered christobel ALOT..

    tried alpaca that night in a restaurant in the main square… i kid you not
    it tastes exactly like a mcdonalds beef burger!! with the texture of


    up bright eyed n bushy tailed sunday morning 5am to catch the train upto
    águas callentes´(sp)
    about 4 hours….it goes right through the sacred vally to..so u get some
    great views..
    fromt here u get a 20 minute bus upto machu pichu viallge,,and the ruins..

    i was totally gobsmacked..the view aorund machu picchu and the ruins
    itself..took my breath away…the pictures dont even come close…it was
    gorgeous…towering steep mountains all around that plunged into deep
    abiss´s and gorges with wiggles of rivers..because it was cloudy and kinda
    misty it just made the place look so much more dramatic…even though it
    didnt ereally help for pictures..couldnt quite capture it..i couldnt get
    over how amazing it looked..im so glad i got to see it..id recommend it to
    anyone…i still get chills thinkin back to it..possibly one of the most
    amqzing sites my eyes have seen,.,,,

    we were knackered by the time we got back to the hotel so we pretty much
    went striaght to bed


    the next morning we got briefed about safety and commands of white water
    rafting..got into our wet suits life jackets n helmets and spent the rest of
    the day in the water..our time leader jose was great with us..
    i must admit before i got into the boat i was terrified..i just dont go well
    with water im not too sure why it scares me so much..but i didnt want it to
    stop my form doing something i wanted to try,,
    it was extremly kool..loved every minute..i was quite upset when we had
    fnished…id go round n round again..we were a 5ad bit late for our bus back
    to liima..got it by the skin of our teeth,,thank god coz i had no back up


    didnt sleep hardly at all…22 hours of just sat watching the sky..bored of
    busses now…finally got to lima jumped in a taxi to scotts..(the hostel we
    stayed in our first night) flopped on the bed and then realised there wa
    sinternet here..unlimmited internet that i didnt have to pày for..
    scot then escorted us to change our last dollars into soles and to the shop
    for our tea..he is extremly protective over us..realllyy lovely guy..

    n we cookoed our tea…(didnt get scowled at either for boiling water for
    once ha ha ha)

    i didnt relaise how much spnaihs id poicked up until we were with
    scott…coz he speaks no english..and the only way for him to really
    understand us or communicate is for me to speak spnaish (coz tink cant) i
    feel comfortable and safe here at scotts…

    i wa sjust so tired from not having sleep the last night..that we were
    tucked up in bed by half 6…
    9 o clock there was a knock at the door..i woke up like a zombee crawling to
    the door practicly..
    tink wispered who is it….i heard in a cheery familier voice…´heya
    i opened thedoor and there was this mass of just girly screams and hugs….
    it was erica n jess 😀 he he he
    we stayed uup quite late just talking..ordered pizza to ha ha ha..just made
    me smile having them back with us…i steyed up into the early hours just
    tlaking n singin with erica..

    woke up pretty damn late…showered n told scott we fancied goin to the
    the same beach as last time..miraflora..
    he got us a taxi…(a friend of his) and explained very carefully to him to
    make sure he looked after us n we got there safely and not to overcharge
    i got really bad gids at the beach coz we found a starbucks he he he he
    we just chilled for the intier day untill erica n jess had to leave or their
    came back to scot got a bit of laundry done and then started to sort my
    stuff into my rucksack..

    tommorows my last day…

    love u all so much..missin u loads…take care xxxxxxx

  10. SHE’S COMING HOME , and on the way , in the air from Lima,Continental Airways, gets to houston Intercontinental at 06;04am houston time 31st aug,she leaves there 08;50am to arrive in New York 13;34pm ET, Then the last flight home 18;50,to arrive at Gatwick at 06;55am 1st Sept, We’ll be there Kate if you see this on your way ……..1000 words on silver wings….love you so much , will have air freshner at the ready….smiles… cheese butty, white chocolate and apple juice….safe trip and big hugs love Mumather xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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