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  1. Thanks for this article electronic cigarette is helpful product to avoid smoking habit.

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  4. I think the electronic cigarette is a very useful product to help people try to reduce their smoking as well as to provide a healthier alternative to it.

  5. This is an awesome review want to say really hats of man. Really electric cigarette is the silent killer of Tobacco cigarette. Come let us turn the world to tobacco free world thanks the nice review.

  6. Anyone know if the vapor cartridges are inter-changeable across the different brands? I Have a clearsmoke kit but I have seen the vapor cartridges cheaper for another model skycigs

  7. You have clearly explained the difference between a normal cigarette and an e-cigarette. I guess I have to try it.. Thanks

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    – Legal to use virtually anywhere including bars, restaurants, public transport, company cars, almost anywhere
    – Produces a harmless vapour that may be inhaled much like the smoke from a regular cigarette.
    – Utilises the latest micro-technology and cutting edge design to deliver the ultimate electronic cigarette experience.

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