More Reasons to hate that Crazy Frog!!


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  2. I don’t think any other single thing that I have ever experience in my concededly short life has ever made me scorn another person more than knowing they have spent money on a Jamster ring tone. The ring tone itself was throttled to death so long ago that it has been reincarnated and is looking at its cold dead (maggot strewn) body, but that is not the issue here. It’s the infuriating advertising campaign which seems to assume that everybody is a complete and utter moron who has the IQ of a doorknob and the attention span of a crack addicted two year old which really exasperates me. Primarily because it works! There is a huge amount of imbeciles out there thinking (or not thinking)”Everybody else has it so it must be funny. It’s ok I won’t read the small print that puts me in an opt out contract where I have to pay for a new, even less pathetic, ring tone ever single week.” Where do you these people come from? Can’t anybody see that Jamster is making serious money out of this? How else could they support their constant stream of advertisement? I would fully endorse some degree of mass euthanasia for all the people who purchased this ring tone since they are obviously already brain-dead.

    It’s ok if you have Sweety Chick though. Now THAT’S entertainment.

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