Shoot the Frog


  1. new high score 92.5… so close 🙁

  2. my highest is 93 and lowest is 5

  3. HAHA i got 142.5 SUCKERS THAT DAMN FROG!!!

  4. I got 200!!

  5. This game is the best game i have ever played i hope u all liked it as much as me

  6. my highest is 90 🙂

  7. the shi? head son of a bitc? got blown up 2 147 very good little game adictive@

  8. i find the game as anoying as the tv advert its sickening errrrrrrrr

  9. 93 is freaking easy i got 158 beet that n00bs 🙂

  10. I GOT 84 AND A HALF IM SO SAD Lol =]

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