Shoot the Frog


  1. I hate that F***ing frog! It should burn in hell!
    Y the hell r people stupid enough to buy them???
    Anyway, really cool website, I come on it when ever i need 2 get rid of stress! Thank you who ever made this!

  2. yey! I got 94 and im so crap at this game! but gd fun xxx

  3. Pagan_Fire says

    I really appreciate this game: it relieves a lot of stress culminating from “a ding ding dingdingding” and his unbelievably annoying physical appearance which just keeps me shooting! Could you please design a second game or alter this one to make Froggie’s demise more realistic: I want to see him deflate from a bullet hole, get that smirk off his face, or something similar.

  4. crazy frog is rubbish it use 2 be class now it rubbish they shud make a rappin gorrila wat crushes shit crazy frog

  5. my best score is 97 i think frog shud get kiked out

  6. shazzy ur rite

  7. i got 93

  8. I splatted the little buddy to no.93 three times, and once I wasn’t even paying attention. Brrrrr! What a horrible thing to do to the little buddy–NOT!I wish we could have some blood splat in here–and the froggie vocals keep me wantin’ to shoot! O Lord! We should be gentler to the little buddy!!!

  9. i got 92 bout 50 times jus cnt get 93

  10. my highest score is 91.25 🙂

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