Space Shuttle Enterprise-Manchester Airport (1983)


  1. I was 13 years old and standing on the football pitch at the back of peel moat lower comprehensive in heaton Norris stockport . It flew in low directly above us on the Manchester airways fight path.The picture is amazing and takes me back to very funny and enjoyable school days.

  2. Shaun grinsted says

    I remember it very well, the teachers from woods lane took us to the heald green pub next to the airport at Manchester when it flew over

  3. thanks for the memoirs i remember it like it was yesterday

  4. I always wondered if I dreamt this – I was ten years old and was in the park at the end of our road. Awesome to see that it was real!

  5. Para Finnlamp says

    I was at school at St Pius X high in Victoria Park Manchester Then the shuttle flew over and it changed everything. Thanks a lot NASA. I’ll never forget you or the space shuttle.

  6. I remember it well , we were parked up in the old viewing park stood on the roof rack on my land Rover.We used it as a platform to take pictures of the 747 with the Enterprise on its back.I can say it was an amazing sight and worth having a day off work for.

  7. Kevin Burke says

    I remember it well.
    I went to school in Collyhurst, about a mile from the city centre. The fly past was relatively close to us. The whole school watched in amazement.
    When I’ve mentioned it to friends of a similar age they think I’m talking dung.

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