Space Shuttle Enterprise-Manchester Airport (1983)


  1. I don’t remember that!!

    • Adele Stoney-Griffiths says

      I am sooooooo glad I have seen this, I remember standing in the playground at St Mary’s Primary School in Denton, Tameside, Manchester when this passed over head. I was 10 years old. I have never had any proof of this memory until now, so thank you soooo much for posting this info!

    • I do, I was in Cheetham Hill when I saw it fly over the southern side of Manchester..

      Out for a chippie lunch…

      I have seen Enterprise with my own eyes,I know whereof I speak

  2. I remember this, you couldnt hear a pin drop when it arrived, xxx

  3. I was 18 and standing in my garden when this combo flew over and my jaw hit the floor. What an awesome sight it is seared in my memory!

  4. I remember it coming to Glasgow Airport and watching it from my Maths classroom window. I’m sure it landed to refuel but would appreciate if anyone else could confirm this. A fantastic memory of a lifetime

  5. thought id dreamt the whole thing! i was 10 when our teachers at claremont rd took us in the playground to see it fly over, thanks for posting everyone!

  6. Wow I can remember this clear as day, I was 5 yrs old, amazing memory

  7. I remembered seeing this when I was driving towards Stockport one day, I thought I was dreaming, nobody else I knew saw it or knew about it. I thought I would Google it, and yes, it was true!

  8. In 1982/83 I was a first year student at Manchester Polytechnic. My bedroom faced roughly south, on the 7th floor of Royal Ford Hall of Residence in Didsbury. I think I must have been revising for the end of year exams because the 7th of June would have been a Tuesday, so normally I’d have been at college. I remember looking up out of my window to see a space shuttle, piggy-backed on a 747, fly past my window. I was so surprised I just stood there dumbfounded. After all these years and until finding this web-site today, I’d just about convinced myself that I’d imagined the whole thing.

  9. Stewart shields says

    i remember this verry well as i was at manchester airport when it came in and after it had done its flypast it asked manchester tower to pass again but the tower refused as it had a full glide path into manchester and if you was there you will remember a british airways boac1.11 came in nthen nothing for half an hour well thats manchester controle tower for you wonder if they would say the same today??? pitty the pics are not great wanted a pic of it myself to remember the day


  1. […] imagined seeing this come over my school field in Manchester and it actually happened in 1983 !! Space Shuttle Enterprise-Manchester Airport (1983) | I remember it vividly flying very low and slow. I've prob only ever told 2 people who scoffed ! […]

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